About Blitz

Choose a renowned partner in the architectural woodworking scene in Quebec! Blitz Design offers a global vision, attention to detail, and a team of passionate and experienced individuals.

Machine scie pour tailler le bois
Blitz Design background inside

Our story

Blitz Design carpentry workshop specialized in custom furniture manufacturing and finishing and has been for over 30 years. Dynamic people have filled our company since its founding in 1989. Our goal is to offer you products of the highest quality that adheres to high quality standards.

Over time, Blitz Design has built a trusted name for itself. We achieved it through the quality of materials used, turnkey projects, and large-scale accomplishments.

Working hand in hand with entrepreneurs, you will be delighted to see your architect’s drawings come to life. At Blitz Design, you can rely on works designed with remarkable expertise.

Our team

Passionate, creative people fill Blitz Design. We love to work on projects that allow them to step out of their comfort zone. It is also a warm family-owned company composed of many talented individuals.