Commercial Woodworking: A Winning Collaboration

Are you an entrepreneur looking for a renowned partner in the commercial woodworking scene in Quebec to carry out your projects?

Trust Blitz Design for a collaboration on all your projects, even the most creative ones!

Your partner for turnkey work

Blitz Design set itself apart with a reputation passed down from generation to generation.

Acting as allies to the entrepreneur, we offer complete support to ensure the success of your projects. All you need to do is provide us with the architect’s plans and the project will come to life!

Solid wood work

Work with other materials

Complete workshop and equipment

Adaptation to the project budget

Mastery of assembly techniques

Best industry guarantee

Impeccable customer service

Our services

Whether it’s for a custom project or a large-scale realization, Blitz Design is your top choice for commercial woodworking.

Would you like to incorporate elements from materials such as quartz, stainless steel, mirror or metal? Whatever the project, we have the facilities and equipment to make it happen!

Complete project management

Our suppliers and partners specialized in areas such as quartz work, metal, glass, and upholstery. Thanks to them, we are able to carefully select the best resources for custom commercial woodwork.

We work closely with our suppliers and partners, ensuring that materials and finishes meet your highest requirements.

Our priority is to offer you a hassle-free experience, freeing you from the worries of coordination. We take care of all the details, ensuring that each step runs smoothly from start to finish. You can count on our commitment to provide you with an exceptional result.

Cost estimation

As a business partner, you benefit from choosing Blitz Design for the realization of your commercial joinery projects.

We have an excellent understanding of the importance of your budget. Our main commitment is to provide you with an accurate estimate that meets your expectations for your landscaping project. We place great importance on financial transparency. Our commitment is to provide you with a detailed evaluation that takes into account all aspects of your project.

Contact us today to learn more about our commercial carpentry services and to obtain a free estimate.

Production of workshop drawings

The technical drawing section within our woodworking shop is an essential element of our manufacturing process. It consists of a team of talented and experienced designers who specialize in creating detailed and precise drawings for our projects.

Our team works closely with our cabinetmakers and clients to transform ideas and concepts into concrete plans. They are experts in the use of computer-aided design (CAD) software. They use advanced tools to produce 2D and 3D drawings.

Everything starts with a client presenting us their project or vision. Following this presentation, our technical drawing team takes the time to understand their specific needs and requirements. They carefully examine the dimensions, materials, finishes, and desired aesthetic details. The goal is always to create drawings that accurately reflect the client’s expectations.

Production, delivery and installation

We understand that the success of your project does not end with the manufacturing of your furniture. That is why we are committed to accompanying you until the final installation. We ensure care and professionalism during the installation by coordinating the delivery.

We are accustomed to delivering projects of all sizes, so we are able to manage all stages from production to delivery and installation. You can rely on Blitz to deliver your project on time, with impeccable installation, in accordance with your requirements and expectations.