Precision expertise

We have all the necessary tools to make any project design happen!

At Blitz Design, we are proud of our expertise and know-how in assembly techniques. Thanks to this, we are able to offer you custom-designed furniture that perfectly meets your needs.

Whether you’re searching for receptions or banquettes, we have the expertise to design and create them with remarkable precision. If you desire furniture with round or unique shapes, we can fulfill your requirements with the same level of precision. Each of the products we create reflects our commitment to the highest industry quality standards. We ensure exceptional achievements that will fully satisfy you.

We offer a wide range of materials, accessories and creative solutions that will appeal to you.

Wood species

Courtertop surfaces

Other materials

Birch wood

Maple wood

Oak Wood

Cherry wood

Exotic wood




Oak Wood







Stainless steel




Green products

Woodworking requires a special respect for the raw material. This is why the environment is an element that we care deeply about.

We encourage the use of ecosystem-friendly products that aim to protect trees and reduce waste production.

We also encourage the use of GREENGUARD ENVIRONMENTAL INSTITUTE accredited products, which ensure the maintenance of indoor air quality.

Production workshop

Our manufacturing facility combines artisanal expertise with state-of-the-art woodworking technology. Our skilled employees have extensive experience, while our facilities are equipped with the latest technology.

This combination enables us to produce high-quality cabinetry with precision and efficiency.